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Azaleas are a mainstay of home landscapes in our area, beloved for the color they bring in the spring and early summer garden and for their easy care, low maintenance nature. They grow in conditions ranging from partial shade to full sun. When planted in sunny situations, they do welcome some protection from the hot afternoon sun. Whether planted as individual specimens or in generous solid colored drifts, azaleas add so much to the landscape. They pair well with spring flowering trees and perennials. A massed planting in the dappled sunlight of a woodland garden is a sight to behold. Faded flowers tend to drop off on their own and are quickly covered by new growth. With attractive foliage throughout the year, azaleas provide substance and form in the garden.  Almost no pruning is needed to keep them looking attractive. Because they are shallow-rooted plants, they do benefit from regular watering during dry weather.  

Azalea ‘Girard Fuchsia’  

The ‘Girard’ series of azaleas were bred at the Girard Nursery in Ohio. They are renowned for their cold hardiness, compact growth habit and for luscious large blooms in late April and early May. 

‘Girard Fuchsia’ has large deep fuchsia-purple flowers that cover the shrub in a brilliant wave of color. Individual flower petals have a slightly wavy edge. The leaves are small, oval and glossy green and take on a reddish tone in the winter. In time, the plant will reach 3’-4’ in height and 4’- 5’ in width. 


Azalea ‘Girard Hot Shot’ 

Azalea ‘Girard’s Hot Shot’ produces an abundance of reddish-orange flowers in mid-spring. Each flower has darker red spots which add to the colorful show. The small, glossy, medium green leaves take on orange-red tones in fall and winter. It typically matures over time in a rounded compact form to a height of 2-3′ and a width of 3-4’. 


Azalea ‘Girard Rose’ 

‘Girard Rose’ has deep rose-pink flower clusters that cover the plant in spring. Individual flower petals have a slightly wavy edge. This shrub grows slowly to a height of 2’-4’ and a width of 3’-5’. Its glossy, dark green foliage acquires a reddish-orange tinge in winter. 


Azalea ‘Renee Michelle’ 

Another Girard hybrid, ‘Renee Michelle’ has very deep pink ruffled flowers that seem to glow. The profusion of bloom creates a beautiful and showy display in the garden. Glossy, dark green foliage covers the shrub. It grows slowly to a height of 3’ and a width of 4’. 


Azalea ‘Salmon Spray’ 

The name of this variety accurately describes its flowering display. Double in form, the flowers will literally cover the plant. ‘Salmon Spray’ has small, glossy, olive green leaves. In time the plant will grow to a height of 4’-5’ and a similar width. 


Azalea poukhanense ‘Compacta’ 

This Korean Azalea has been found in gardens since the 1800’s and it is still highly valued today for its beauty and exceptional cold hardiness. It has an abundance of star-shaped lavender pink, fragrant, funnel shaped flowers. Dark purple specks appear at the base of the petals. There may be some reblooming in the fall. The handsome, deep green foliage turns shades of orange and purple-red in the fall. It grows slowly to a height of 3’-4’ and a width of 4’-5’. 


Azalea ‘Rose Greeley 

This variety offers beautiful flowers in terms of color, shape and fragrance. Bright white blooms have a soft flush of lime near the center. Each fragrant flower has a wavy edge. Leaves are a glossy, dark green. The plant has a dense, spreading habit, growing to a height of 3’-4’ in 10 years. Its flowers will light up the garden throughout May. 


Azalea ‘Dorothy Hayden’ 

Azalea ‘Dorothy Hayden’ is a wonderful choice for the front of the border. It offers frilly edged, clear white flowers that have light green shading near the center. The flowers bloom in late spring and continue into early summer. The leaves are dark green. This variety will slowly reach a height of 3’ and a width of 4’. 


Azalea ‘Stewartsonian’ 

Azalea ‘Stewartsonian’ makes a handsome addition to any landscape. This variety is very hardy, seeming to shrug off even the nastiest of winters.  Its showy, abundant clusters of rich red flowers have hues of dark orange in the center. Densely packed branches have glossy dark green foliage which turns mahogany-red in the winter. Dramatic and eye-catching, this is a shrub that offers year round interest. Over time, it will grow 4’-5’ tall with a similar spread.  


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