Mahoney's Garden Center | KILN DRIED FIREWOOD
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Frustrated with smoky, poor-burning firewood? While we admit that our kiln-dried firewood is more expensive than ordinary seasoned wood, once you try it you’ll never settle for less.

Harvested in Vermont it’s dried in a specialized kiln for 3 full days. This removes 75% of its moisture content. Our firewood is a combination of dense hardwoods so it contains more stored energy. Drier and denser, our wood burns hotter and much cleaner, and produces less smoke and creosote. And because our wood arrives without dust, insects or mildew, you can safely store it indoors. Plus it lights really easily, too. You’ll love that!

Available at all 8 Mahoney’s Garden Centers our firewood is hand-stacked on 6, 12 and 42 square foot carts. We remove unusable pieces so all you get are full size pieces along with some kindling. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to make sure we have plenty on hand. Also remember that Osterville, Wayland and Concord close between New Year’s and March for winter clean-up.

Telephone orders and Delivery

For telephone orders and delivery call any day during store hours. 1/3 cord is the minimum size order for delivery. Click here for phone numbers and locations.


Available Sizes Dimensions in Cubic Feet Price
Small Cart(Sold out until next week) 6 Cu. Ft. $43.00
Large Cart (Sold out until next week) 12 Cu. Ft. $75.00
1⁄3 Cord (Sold out) 42 Cu. Ft. $250.00
1⁄2 Cord (Sold out) 64 Cu. Ft. $360.00
Full Cord (Sold out) 128 Cu. Ft. $650.00

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