Want beautiful color that will survive the cool temperatures of early-spring? Look no further than the tough, cold-tolerant, and colorful pansy. Available in dozens of different varieties, find shades of blue, yellow, pink and purple, pansies are the perfect introduction to spring gardening. Most of our pansies are grown locally at our Woburn, MA greenhouses and delivered daily to our stores for the most fresh, healthy plants around.


This compact, round-leaved plant puts on a fabulous display of showy flowers in varying shades. Loves cooler conditions so it’s perfect for an early-Spring houseplant which can then be put outside. Find stunning bi-color blooms in pinks and purples!


A sunny sign of Spring, potted daffodils add extra cheer in the early season. Check out their more petite cousins, tete-a-tetes too!


Also known as the pansy orchid, miltonias are often found during the early-spring season. Their flat faces and open flowers resemble pansies in shape and markings. A profuse bloomer with a pleasant fragrance, miltonias will bloom for 4-6 weeks.


Miniature potted roses add a splash of color to any tabletop space. Find bright pinks, yellows, reds and oranges, miniature roses make a great host gift.


Also known as the Lenten rose, Hellebores are one of the most cold-tolerant blooms out there. Find an array of Spring green and pink/purple blooms to liven up your outdoor containers or garden beds.


A colorful succulent, kalanchoe are a great indoor plant during the winter because of their incredible color. Available in bold reds pink, yellow and white, kalanchoe prefer sunny spots and water only when the soil feels dry to the touch.


Available in pink and white, Heather ‘Erica’ is a great early season introduction. Works great indoors for a quick pop of color. Can withstand cool temperatures outdoors which makes them a great addition to outdoor containers and window boxes before the garden has thawed.


Producing a mass of beautiful color, indoor hydrangeas resemble their hardy cousins. With huge, softball-size blooms, you’ll find an Easter palette of pinks, whites, blues, and purples.


An early-spring staple, potted tulips are the perfect introduction to the season. Available in pinks, whites, purples and yellows- place indoors for an Easter presentation or on your doorstep to welcome guests!


A favorite early-Spring item, ranunculus come in shades of pink, red, orange, yellow and white. The perfect addition to any holiday tabletop!


An elegant bloomer for any season, we carry an incredible assortment of orchids during the winter months. Find easy-care Phalaenopsis to more exotic varieties like Oncidium, Dendrobium, Vanda, and many stunning hybrids. Pair with our selection of orchid pottery to enhance any space.

cineraria ^

With daisy-like flowers, cineraria blooms can be pink, purple, blue and white. A stunning houseplant for the Easter holiday, the vibrant color will brighten your indoors.


Beautifully fragrant, potted hyacinths add stunning color to your indoor spaces or early-spring container gardens. Find them in blue, pink and white. Look out for grape hyacinth too!


With tons of varieties in the begonia family, we love Elatior and Rex begonias especially during the winter months. Elatiors have unmatched color in reds, pinks, whites, and oranges. Choose rex begonias for their stunning foliage from purple to silvery hues, it’s easy to get hooked.


Similar to their hardy outdoor cousins, indoor azaleas have beautiful bright blooms that signify Spring is here. Available in an assortment of pinks, and whites they are an incredible pop of color for the Easter holiday.