Looking to bring lively, kinetic motion to the garden? Wind spinners can elevate any outdoor space into an artistic landscape. From rustic textures to brightly-colored metals in fun shapes and designs, there’s a spinner for everyone! When the wind catches the spinners, you’ll be treated to an eye catching show that is both relaxing and fun. They pair well with our selection of rustic bird accents. Balanced atop magnetic posts, the birds will dip and dive in the wind for a pleasant, natural element of motion. Come see them for yourself!


Water is one of the most important things birders can add to their backyards to attract birds. Birds need water for two reasons: drinking and preening. Water helps keep a bird’s body cool, and let’s them remove dust and debris from their plumage. Bird baths themselves add an architectural element to the natural landscape. Available in an array of colors, our ceramic glazed baths are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Match the color of your home, or nearby blooms. The possibilities are endless!


Gazing globes add a whimsical, reflective element to the landscape. Originally hand-blown in Venice as glass globes in the 13th century, the tradition was adopted by the aristocracy in Victorian England to ward off evil spirits with the reflective surfaces of the orbs. Today, they are used as ornamental centerpieces in gardens, flower beds, and table tops to capture the beauty of the surrounding landscape. This season, our gazing globe collection includes many new color and designs for every garden!


When you hear decorative bird ornaments for the yard, it may conjure up the idea of pink flamingoes in the lawn. We’ve taken things to another level.This season, we’re in love with metal bird decor for porches, patios or garden beds. Adding a natural, decorative element to any outdoor space our bird figures will certainly offer up an interesting conversation piece at your next BBQ! Find herons, roosters, cranes and more. Adorn the front doorway next to a container garden, or nestle a flock into the landscape… the possibilities are endless!