Mahoney's Garden Center | Pottery
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The right container can make all the difference. Mahoney’s offers an unparalleled selection of pottery and containers in a variety of styles and sizes. Choose from a great selection of terra cotta, ceramic, cast iron, USA made, wooden, durable year-round plastic, lightweight fiberclay, self-watering planters and much, much more. From traditional to modern, year-round to seasonal, indoor or outdoor containers, our experts make it easy to choose the right container for you. Please note, selection and styles vary at each Mahoney’s location. The pottery depicted in these images may not be at every store.




Hand-crafted in the USA in Western Red Cedar, Gronomics modular raised- bed systems and elevated boxes are perfect for growing your edibles in small spaces.


Keep the style of stone and cement planters with the easy maneuverability of a durable plastic. Now available in black. Indoors or out, funky tropicals or elegant boxwood- the possibilities are endless.


Made in Vietnam, thick walled and fired hot in the kiln to seal the clay. Frost resistant because no water can penetrate, so it’s perfect for year-round use. Available in rustic designs and colorful glazes too!

Bar Harbor Cedar

Find beautifully crafted cedar window boxes and planters—a timeless style built to last. Paint in any color to match your home or keep natural and let weather for a rustic look.

Crescent Planters

Where function meets design, Crescent planters are made of lightweight plastic. Available in large sizes and perfect for trees and shrubs. Find many styles and colors, from modern to traditional.


Using a blend of the finest clays from mines in Southeastern Ohio, Burley Clay has been making pottery since 1923. Crafted in many shapes and colors, these pieces are as durable as they come!

Glazed Pottery

Our largest selection of high-fired glazed pottery with many crafted to withstand frosts. In many shapes, colors and styles… there’s something for every style and function!

LeChuza Self-Watering

Self-watering indoor/outdoor planters in beautifully designed windowboxes, stand-alone planters and tabletop pots. Perfect for those who need to keep plants hydrated while you’re on vacation!

– our favorite planter accessories –

Pot Feet

Keep your containers elevated for improved drainage and to prevent water stains on your patio or deck. Available in plastic, terra-cotta and ceramic designs they can be as decorative as they are functional!


This cool new railing planter by Apollo is one of our favorite introductions this Spring. With a self-watering feature, brackets and a stabilizer you don’t have to buy all the pieces separately. Fits most railings! In assorted colors.

Plant – Caddy

Make your planters portable! A must-have for easy mobility. Available in many styles and sizes for indoors or out. Plant caddies are great for moving heavy pots around for easy watering or to capture more sun!


Reduce the weight of your planter by raising the bottom! With an Ups-a-Daisy insert, you’ll create excellent drainage and require less soil. Perfect for shallow plantings like succulents and rock gardens too!


Keep your pots from staining your tabletops and floors with saucers. Available in decorative colors and styles to match your pottery, or functional plastics- we take pride in sourcing many items so you have options.