Special: 10″ Monstera $24.50

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The houseplant we love, Monstera deliciosa (or Swiss-Cheese Plant) is coveted for its statement-making leaves. Monstera is a tropical plant from the¬†Araceae¬†family and comes from the Latin word meaning “abnormal” because of the odd looking, perforated foliage. Be sure to leave enough room for your Monstera as they love space to grow. Ideal conditions are a medium to bright light, avoiding strong sunlight and dark corners. Sun will scorch the leaves, while poor light will restrict growth and result in smaller, less serrated leaves. Water regularly, enough to keep the soil from drying out. Feed your monstera occasionally, especially when leaves are beginning to look green or pale around the veins.

*Offer valid through 4/3/2019 or while supplies last