Now in! Begonias

Some of you might hear the word begonias and instantly think of the tiny flowers your grandmother may have planted in the shade. The reality is, this remarkable group of plants has come a long way, with new introductions each year that are completely awe-inspiring. Paired with foliage plants like caladium or coleus, begonias make a container garden that is out of this world. This season, we love planting  begonias in our European-inspired terra cotta pottery.

With the onset of new breeding initiatives, the selection of begonias available to the home gardener is pretty incredible. At Mahoney’s, we’ve gone a little begonia crazy this season, and are offering more options than ever! With beautiful varieties like Solenia or Elatior. Solenia begonias are one of our favorites for their profuse blooming all season long and their tolerance for sun. Plant in sheltered full sun or part shade for beautiful color all summer long. Look for varieties like ‘Dark Pink’ ‘Red Velvet’ ‘Light Pink’ and ‘Orange’. Perfect for planting in containers or landscape beds.

Elatior begonias, or also known as Reiger begonias, elatiors are found in our greenhouses all year long and are great as houseplants or garden plants in the spring and summer. Available in dozens of bold colors, elatiors prefer part shade to part sun. Look for colors like Dragone White Blush, Dusty Rose, Rio and Batik.