Protect Against Ticks & Mosquitoes

‘Tis the season for ticks and mosquitoes. With all of us spending more time in at home this season, protecting against ticks and mosquitoes is front of mind. At Mahoney’s, we carry a variety of products to repel those annoying pests, safeguarding you and your family so your time in the yard is as pleasant and peaceful as possible. Here are some of our favorites:


Everguard Tick & Mosquito Eco-Friendly Pest Control: Designed to safely repel ticks and mosquitoes. Attach a hose and spray around leaf litter, around shrubs, under decks, shaded areas and lawns. Contains citronella, lemongrass, cedarwood, thyme, cinnamon and garlic oils.

Bonide Mosquito-Beater Granules: Made with natural ingredients. Effectively repels for up to 3 weeks. Non-toxic, bio-degradable and pleasantly scented. Easy to use shaker for application. Enjoy mosquito-free surroundings any place, anytime!

Bonide Mosquito-Beater Ready-to-spray: Kills and repels mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. 1qt protects 5000SF. Simply attach to garden hose and apply. Low order, water-based permethrin.

Daminix Tick Tubes: Did you know that ticks get lyme disease from mice, not deer? Damminix Tick Tubes rely on the natural nesting instincts of mice to take the battle to source and deliver tick-controlling permethrin directly to this host animal and the ticks it effects.