Just because you have a shady yard, does not mean you can’t infuse the garden with vibrant perennials. While your flowering options may be limited- we tell your customers to seek out great foliage when choosing shade-tolerant perennials! Lime greens, variegated reds, and deep purples can be found in many foliage perennials. They certainly hold their own in the yard! Most of you are probably familiar with the hosta- the “go-to” shade perennial. With beautiful foliage and excellent shape, hostas thrive just about anywhere. Another familiar shade-loving perennial is the fern. Available in an array of different varieties, ferns add a touch of whimsy and airiness to any space. Please note, selection will vary at each Mahoney’s location.


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If you’re looking for shade-tolerant color, we can’t say enough about the versatility of heuchera. Not only does it do great in the shade, but it gives off a great intense color that catch everyone’s eye! Another option great variety to try is heucherella. A mix between heuchera and another great perennial, tierella, the heucherella is a splash of color with great foliage and texture. Maybe you’re looking for something that flowers a little more? In that case, check out ligularia and astilbe. Our selection of shade tolerant perennials is unparalelled.