A large croton ‘petra’ rises above its companion annuals in this colorful planter. It is flanked by coleus and also includes begonias, sedum, petunias and calibrachoa.


These fast-growing, heat-loving climbers produce abundant tropical flowers all summer. Mandevillas are sun-loving climbers and are excellent in planters or climbing up trellises. A wonderful addition to any deck, patio or outdoor living space. Very easy care and will flower from Spring to Fall. Be sure to wrap the stem around a trellis to maintain shape and promote new growth.


Many commonly grown houseplants will thrive outdoors during the warm months as long as they are gently broken in to the summer conditions. This means that the vertical accent of your Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, or the bold, exotic look of a large-leafed Philodendron can help you achieve your vision of a sleek, modern pool-side or a lush tropical understory on the veranda. Taller and fuller plants like Bamboo Palm and Dracaenas can be used effectively as screening to cover exposed areas or windows.


Palms are the quintessential tropical patio plant. With the height you want for beautiful structure (and privacy!) pair with a stunning container for an elegant display. We love bromeliads too. Fun and colorful foliage can transform your patio to a tropical oasis. Other great tropicals that can be used are ficus lyrata, yucca and majesty palms.


A large leafed banana plant combined with two different types of darker colored cordyline are paired with contrasting dahlias and potato vine. Also featured is a type of oxalis ‘burgundy’, but any red/purple-hued annual or perennial will suit.


Sometimes the visual excitement can come from your pottery! Pair a foliage tropical with brightly colored ceramic pottery!


There are several flowering tropical plants that are widely available during the summer months, and are grown extensively for their continuous or extravagant flowering display. Hibiscus trees and bushes produce bright and often multicolored flowers outside during the peak of summer’s heat. We love to pair with bright calibrachoa and foliage tropicals for added texture and style.


Available in many different varieties, begonias add a tropical flair to any container garden. Check out our sun loving solenia begonias, or shade-loving reiger begonias. Did you know some begonias have stunning foliage too?


A tropically-inspired patio does not mean you are limited to sun-loving plants. Here is a lovely shade-tolerant combination with a ‘blue star’ fern as the main focal point. Also shown are 2 different types of coleus, begonia, potato vine and vinca vine. The great thing about both potato and vinca vine is that they are so versatile, and work in both shade and sun.


Your container selection can make your container garden sing! Try playing with monochromatic palettes too. Seen here, a traditional terra cotta urn boasts a large sun loving bromeliad, celosia, petunias, calibrachoa and salvia.


Always in style, succulents are the perfect container plant to really make a statement. Sun-loving and drought-tolerant, they are also the perfect “weekender” plant for those who do not get to watering often.