Nestled within an industrial area of Woburn, MA sits a green oasis under five acres of glass. It is here that millions of annuals, perennials, and edible plants are grown each season to supply our 7 Mahoney’s retail stores.

The team at Mahoney’s Growing Co. arrives early each morning to passionately tend to the colorful crops before they end up in our stores. This process is often years in the making, as the team plans, tests and trials all of the plant varieties.

We start by selecting only the best, hardiest varieties, developed by the world’s best breeders. This ensures a superior presentation in your garden with consistency and reliability each season. Our plants are chosen for their ability to perform in our New England climate. Look for our delivery trucks in the area, and you can assume they are carrying fresh product to our stores! By keeping delivery local, we are keeping our carbon footprint low and jobs local. It also means our stores are consistently restocked with the freshest material, even on the weekend!