organic potting mix

Mahoney’s Garden Lover’s Organic Container Mix is made up of natural ingredients proven to provide your container plants with a healthy growing environment. The rich organic compost provides a natural nutrient flow to your container plants while the peat moss holds moisture in the soil mix allowing for better water conservation. Perlite is a natural volcanic rock that when added to our soil mix, increases air space to improve water drainage for healthy root systems. Composted pine bark increases air circulation.


Mahoney’s Garden Lover’s Organic Mix combines the benefits of natural ingredients with the ease of container gardening. This ready-to-use blend is perfect for all annuals, perennials and especially for edible container gardens. It’s improved moisture retention prevents rapid evaporation in window boxes and containers in direct sunlight. Check with a Mahoney’s staff member for an appropriate organic fertilizer for your plants.


Grow your tomatoes, citrus plants, herbs and veggies with peace of mind while using Mahoney’s Garden Lover’s Organic Mix. Tasty edibles grown in containers are a direct result of a good potting mix. The organic compost ingredient feeds your plants with an enriching nutrient base to help your potted edibles establish a healthy root system. Use in conjunction with an organic fertilizer for prolific and tasty herbs and veggies!


A screened mixture of highly organic soil and partially decomposed compost, excellent for planting trees and shrubs. Its dark, rich humus enhances any soil and is best used in combination with Composted Manure and Sphagnum Peat Moss. Use as a top-dressing for improving lawns, seeding, gardens, and planting beds. Also use as a soil replacement to fill holes, etc. Use along with fertilizer for optimal results


To keep your new trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials and roses healthy, plant them with our compost mix enhanced with Bio-tone Starter Plus. It acts as a natural fertilizer promoting bigger, healthier plants. For sandy soils, it adds nutrients as well as humus to help retain moisture. It also helps loosen and aerate the soil and improve drainage. Bio-tone Starter Plus from Espoma is an all-natural plant food with beneficial microbes, humates and mycorrhizae–it provides beneficial fungus that stimulates root growth, helps plants establish faster and reduces plant stress.


A premium soil conditioner for vegetable and flower beds, containers, trees and shrubs. Improves water and nutrient retention, drainage and aeration. Controls erosion and soil crusting.


A fortified, dehydrated cow manure with a nutritional analysis of 2-1-2. Drier than compost. Will not burn. Goodfor preparing planting beds for roses, annuals, perennials, and vegetable gardens, and supplementing all gardens. Improves soils texture. Mix in with heavy clay soils to aerate and loosen.