Just because they are grown in hanging baskets does not mean they must be hanged. The baskets are in bloom and in full color! Use Mahoney’s Premium Annual Baskets in containers or in planting beds for instant color.


The largest flowers of any New Guinea Impatiens to be found in a wide range of vibrant colors on strong, full plants. Bright, season-long color for part sun to part shade. Selected for superior performance in our New England summers. Available in an array of colors like deep salmon, flame, lavender, lilac, magenta, pastel pink, white, red, and more!


For a beautiful pop of color en mass, check out our monochromatic baskets of petunias. Find assorted colors of beautiful pinks, whites, purples and more to fill out your yard with instant color!


Our geranium hangers are unmatched. Grown with care in our Woburn greenhouses, you’ll find beautiful upright sun-loving geranium hangers in vast colors. Look out for dark red, pink, salmon, white and our Calliope® varieties which is a beautiful mix between an ivy geranium and upright for beautiful performance in a hanging basket.


Delicate and trailing, perfect in hanging baskets, sun and heat-loving ivy geraniums make any hanging basket sing. Look out for our Caliente® series in a wide array of vibrant color. It’s the best of ivy and zonal geranium types with a prolific bloom and beautiful mounding habit.


With a carefully selected mixture of premium annuals that balance color, texture and height, our combo hangers are designed to look beautiful as a hanging basket, or planted in your patio containers for instant-color.


Also known as million bells, our calibrachoa mono-chromatic and combo hangers are a prolific bloomer all season long. Smaller than a petunia, million bells have hundreds of trumpet-like blooms in pinks, purples, reds, yellows, whites, pinks and more! A sun-lover, calibrachoa will cascade over the basket for a beautiful trailing effect.