It’s no secret that hanging tropical plants save space and lend themselves well to the home jungle look everyone is coveting these days. We take pride in our hanging plant selection, bringing you new and unique, plus the staples and old favorites. Here are some of the hanging foliage plants we’re excited about. Please note, supplies and selection will vary at each Mahoney’s location.


An oldie but a goodie, spider plants are perfect for beginners. Easy to care for, mature plants will produce “plantlets” or “babies” giving them a really cool look as they grow from a hanger. Place in a bright spot away from direct sunlight.


Small blue-gray leaves adorn reddish stems for a delicate contrast. Pilea Aquamarine is beautiful grown in a hanging basket because of the delicate trail that dangles from the pot. They prefer bright, indirect light too, and benefit from occasional misting to keep the leaves soft and hydrated.


We’re always on the hunt for fun and exciting succulent hangers. Don’t miss String of Pearls, String of Bananas and our newest find: String of Dolphins!


For generations, philodendrons have served as a mainstay in interior gardens. Philodendron care is easy – just be sure to place in bright indirect sunlight and allow them to dry out in between waterings. Philodendrons provide beautiful shape in a variety of colors and textures.


Goldfish plants earned their name because of their masses of red-orange flowers that appear in the spring and summer and look a bit like leaping goldfish. If you’ve ever seen a fully mature plant in a hanging basket in full bloom, it’s a wonderful sight. They are profuse bloomers when cared for and add splashes of color when many other foliage houseplants will not. Look out for the lipstick plant too, producing clusters of pink flowers and grows beautifully as a hanging plant.


An old houseplant that is seeing a renaissance of sorts, Wandering Jew or Tradescantia has made a comeback in recent years as a popular hanging basket plant. You’ll find two varieties in our greenhouses – traditional purple and rainbow. Hang in bright, indirect light and be sure to keep soil slightly moist.


Pothos are the quintessential hanging basket plants, and we’ve always got them in stock. Check out varieties with beautiful variation in the foliage like ‘Njoy, Marble, or Satin. For a strong presentation, try a Jade Pothos with beautiful shape and interesting cascade.


Also called a wax plant because of it’s thick waxy leaves, hoyas are known for their vine-like growth habit which can be super fun in a hanging basket.  The tendrils of hoyas cascade and trail down, but also love to wind their way up vertically too, making it one of our favorites to achieve the jungle look.


There are many ferns that look beautiful grown in a hanging basket. Boston Ferns is a favorite, with large arching fronds add drama to any space. Try asparagus, maidenhair or button ferns for a more delicate display. Ferns love humidity, and decorating bathrooms with plants is definitely having a moment right now!


Another popular plant favored for its trailing habit, Swedish Ivy has unique foliage with scalloped edges. Another great suggestion for beginners, Swedish Ivy thrives in bright, indirect light and requires very little maintenance. Many people like to put them outdoors in the summer too!


A carniverous plant that does well as a hanging basket. The modified leaves extend into what looks like “pitchers”, but are actually prey-trapping cavities filled with a digestive liquid. Most of the plants nutrients comes from the insects they catch, but a basic fertilizer helps too! Kids love them!