for sun

The sun and heat won’t stop SunPatiens impatiens from blooming all summer long in your garden! Unlike their shade-loving cousins, SunPatiens will thrive in full-sun, making them one of our favorites to go through a long, hot summer. Available in an incredible palette of color including coral pink, deep red, deep rose, electric orange, lilac, orchid, pink candy, purple, rose glow and white.


for part-sun

Giant blooms that flower all summer long, the SuperSonic series are larger than most new guinea impatiens. This means your plants are swathed in beautiful color all summer. New Guinea Impatiens do best in part-sun light. Available in amethyst, bright pink, deep purple, lavender, magic pink, orange, red, salmon and white!


for part-shade

After years of being impacted by downy mildew, innovation in breeding has finally brought us a downy-mildew resistant series so you can plant without worry! Look out for varieties like Beacon® and Imara® which have been specifically bred to not be susceptible to blight, so you can enjoy beautiful color all summer long. Impatiens do best in part-shade, acting as one of the best solutions for continuous color all summer long in shadier spots of the yard.

Above, Uncle Mike inspects our massive SuperSonic New Guinea Impatien Moss Hanging Baskets. Below, scenes of our impatien collection in-store!