Another compact grower like the Tango series with even more colors for your container gardens. Find Cranberry Splash, Dark Red, Deep Pink, Orange, Salmon and White!


An ivy-geranium with a cascading habit, perfect for a trailing effect! Look for them in  hanging baskets in Salmon, Fire, Hot Coral, Lavender, White!


The tango series are bred to stay compact all season long! Perfect for window-boxes and small planters. Look for Dark Red, Deep Pink, Deep Rose, Lavender, Light Pink, Neon Purple, Rose Mega Splash, Salmon, Strawberry Ice, White and White Splash!


A cascading geranium like Caliente, perfect in hanging baskets! Find Amethyst, Burgundy Bicolor, Dark Pink, Salmon and White!


A unique cross between an upright zonal geranium and trailing, Calliope comes in an incredible array of color: Coral, Dark Red, Lavender, Pink, Rose Mega Splash, Salmon, White, Crimson Flame, Deep Rose, and Pink Flame! Great for patio pots and as bedding plants where you want an impact in size!


A more aggressive larger zonal geranium. Available in 6.5″ pots and up, with stunning huge blooms these are spectacular in Dark Red, Pink, Salmon, and Violet.