At The Florist at Mahoney’s, we understand the significance of your special day, and we strive to create floral pieces that serve as the backdrop to cherished memories. From weddings infused with botanical inspiration to intimate gatherings and corporate events, each creation is crafted with artistic precision and heartfelt dedication. Our goal is to transform your vision into reality, ensuring that every bloom and foliage intertwines seamlessly to form a tapestry of beauty and emotion. Let us weave the magic of nature into your celebration, crafting floral masterpieces that will stand as timeless symbols of your love and joy.


To schedule a consult for your event, please reach out to Rachel at rabbott


Our weddings are woven with unmatched botanical inspiration stemming from our garden center roots. With a creative style range that spans from simple classics to the most extraordinary vision, we take care of everything from the ceremony, bridal party, and reception. Whether your celebration is grand or intimate, we’re honored to be a part of your love story.


From birthday soirees to bridal showers, corporate gatherings, and beyond, we infuse every occasion with our signature botanical charm. With meticulous attention to detail, we tailor our designs to suit any party theme or aesthetic–  We create centerpieces, table garlands, boutonnieres and corsages. Bespoke request? Our creative team of skilled designers adapt to any vision!


The true magic of choosing The Florist at Mahoney’s lies in our greenhouse roots, where flowers and foliage intertwine. This opens up endless possibilities to incorporate lush plants and garden elements into every celebration. Imagine cascading vines, verdant leaves, and whimsical botanical touches weaving through your event Large plant rentals are available in addition to seasonal potted blooms.