Designed with form and function in mind, the lightweight fiberglass and clay composite containers at Mahoney’s are the best of both worlds. Keep the style of stone and cement planters with the easy maneuverability of a durable plastic. With beautifully constructed forms to fit any decor, we love this pottery because it is just so versatile and easy. Indoors or out, the sculptural shapes and textures blend seamlessly into any architectural setting or landscape. We’re still dreaming up all of the ways to use it. Perfect for any interior, roof decks, back yard decks, patios or even within garden beds, the possibilities are endless! We love the lightweight pottery with foliage tropicals for a sleek and clean presentation. Try lavender and boxwoods for an European-influenced design. The fiberclay is also perfect for perennials, trees and shrubs year-round! To ensure a successful over-wintering of hardy plants, use pot risers to keep the containers elevated to allow proper drainage and air circulation.