Save on Espoma Organic Lawn Program!

Buy all 4 bags and Save! 

With Mahoney’s Discount $149.50 | With Espoma’s Additional $20 Mail-in Rebate: $129.50




We’ve made it easy to save on our favorite organic lawn care program! With more slow-release nitrogen than conventional programs, and loaded with beneficial microbes to stimulate root growth and improved soil structure, Espoma is our go-to for organics in lawn-care. Valid through 6/3/24



Save on Coop Poop Chicken Manure!

$12.50 reg. $19.99 (25lb bag)


$18.50 reg. $24.99 (40lb bag)



Coop Poop is 100% organic chicken manure and a great all-purpose fertilizer for many uses in the spring. It’s a great fertilizer for veggie gardens. Turn it into the soil now or as you plant. It’s also a great lawn fertilizer that’s very rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and potash. Plus, it’s rich in calcium and other micro nutrients. Can also be used on trees and shrubs. Valid while supplies last.



Save on Holly-Tone & Plant-Tone

Now’s the time to feed your garden! Holly-Tone is our #1 choice for feeding acid-loving hollies, azaleas, evergreens, dogwoods, rhododendrons & more! Use Plant-Tone for just about everything else including arborvitaes and boxwoods! Get more blooms with more vibrant color. Grow larger plants with deeper green color. Long lasting, slow-release feeding with Espoma’s exclusive Bio-tone Microbes. See some great tips from our very own Patrick on feeding your evergreens here!

18 lb. bags only $19.50 reg $24.99
50 lb. bags only $39.50 reg $49.99