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Stop in for beautiful annuals from our Proven Winners lineup in a size that gives you instant gratification! Find assorted varieties and colors perfect for planting beds, container gardens and window boxes! Please note, supplies and selection will vary at each Mahoney’s location. Valid while supplies last or 6/29/22

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Now in: Volcano Phlox

For masses of color in the garden, nothing beats the Phlox Volcano™ series. Volcano phlox are strong, sturdy and produce an astonishing number of flowers over many summer months. Best of all, these phlox are fragrant and exceptionally tolerant of powdery mildew which plagues other phlox varieties.

Phlox Volcano are tidy, with narrow pointed leaves. Each produces large multi-branched flower clusters, with around 125 softly fragrant flowers per stem. There are many different flower colors – even bicolors – blooming from early summer through to autumn if the old stems are cut back by a quarter after the first flush is finishing.

Phlox are very useful plants in the garden. They look wonderful in massed wedges of color where large areas need to be filled. They are a great way to add pops of color to an existing planting scheme. Mixed with other warm-weather flowering favorites they give form, color and fragrance to containers filled with summer arrangements.

Look out for the following varieties. Please note, supplies and selection will vary at each Mahoney’s location:

Volcano™ Red

Volcano™ Lilac Splash

Volcano™ Pink with Red Eye

Volcano™ Pink with White Eye

Volcano™ Soft Pink with Dark Eye

Volcano™ Purple with White Eye

Volcano™ White with Rose Eye




Uncle Mike’s Favorite Cucumbers

We talk a lot about our variety and selection in tomatoes, but did you know Uncle Mike grows a whole collection of cukes too? Here’s what’s growing in our Woburn Growing Greenhouse and shipping weekly to our retail stores! Please note, supplies and selection may vary and this list is not an indication of in-store availability.


An All American Selection Winner, Sweet Success is a fantastic slicing cuke with a sweet, bitter-free taste. Yields a bumper crop of seedless, dark green 12-14″ fruits. Very disease resistant! Days to maturity: 54.



New to the Uncle Mike’s line this year! Long European cucumber with improved disease resistance and heat-tolerance. Vigorous and productive, yields sweet 12″ fruit. Days to maturity: 56.


An heirloom variety, and All America Selections winner, Straight 8 is a cucumber superstar. Cool, firm flesh and a sparky taste. Pick at 8″ long for best taste! Days to Maturity: 58.


A compact cuke that is great for containers. Short, hardy vines produce slender fruits 7.5″ long. Days to Maturity: 56.



A high-yielding salad or slicing type cucumber on shorter vines – great for a larger container. Crunchy fruit and non-bitter peel. Days to Maturity: 50-55.


One of our favorites for northern climates, and perhaps the most recognizable heirloom cuke. Dark green skin with impressive fresh taste grows 8-9″ long. Days to Maturity: 70.


Bred specifically for home pickling, these tasty cucumbers boast solid, crisp flesh and excellent taste. A vigorous bush type plant that is very disease resistant . Pick anywhere from 1.5″ – 6″ long. Days to Maturity: 55 days.


Known for their tasty, non-astringent flesh this English style cuke reaches 8-12″ long. With very little seeds, Burpless cucumbers are crisp and mild with an easy-to-peel skin. Days to Maturity: 52.









Special: 1 Gallon Neptune’s Harvest $37.50

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Fish and Seaweed 2-3-1 Fertilizer Only

Our favorite water-soluble organic fertilizer in a size that lasts all season! Made right in Gloucester, Neptune‘s Harvest products are a favorite for use on all of your plants, especially edibles! Your veggies, herbs and fruit will simply taste better! Flowers have more vivid colors and blooms too! Special offer valid while supplies last.



Now In Bud & Bloom: Peonies

It’s a great time to load up on perennial peonies! The Spring favorite is in bud and bloom in our perennial yards now. This season, we’re carrying an incredible selection of varieties to adorn your garden. We have tried and true favorites as well has hard to find varieties, you’ll want to collect them all!

Peonies are garden classics and have been growing in Eastern gardens for 4,000 years. It was used as the Imperial symbol in China and slowly migrated to Japan around the 8th century. Ancient Greek mythology highly regarded the peony for its medicinal purposes, as did the Christians in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Peony derives its name from a Greek myth. Paeon, a student of Aesculapis (God of Medicine), was well aware of the medicinal qualities of peony plants. He used them to heal a wound suffered by the god Pluto which so infuriated Aesculapis he threatened to kill Paeon. Pluto saved Paeons life by turning him into a peony. Another myth replaces Pluto with Zeus.

There are a few myths about peonies and my favorite is about the “nymph” named Paeonia. She was so beautiful that she attracted the attention of Apollo. This did not sit well with Aphrodite, she was so jealous she turned Paeonia into a flower.

There are 3 classifications for peonies, herbaceous, tree and intersectional. All are hardy to zone 3, drought tolerant, deer resistant and low maintenance. There are many varieties to choose from and can be used in the landscape as a specimen, mass planted as a hedge, or in a container on the patio. They do not like to be planted to deep and will last for years with minimal care.

HERBACEOUS – These are the ones that die back to the ground every year. They will grow 3 to 4 feet high and wide and have lush, glossy, green foliage. The flowers come in a range of colors from shades of red, pink, purple and white. Blooms range in size and fullness, from single petal to fully double blooms. Japanese varieties have 1 to 2 layers of petals that surround a cluster of partially formed petals in the center (petaloid stamens). There are many that are fragrant, from a mild scent to a heavy fragrance.

TREE – This variety has a woody stem that stays throughout the winter. Tree peonies can grow 5 feet tall or more but are slow growers. So, it is quite possible your plant will remain small for several years. The flowers are larger than herbaceous peonies and the color range is red, pink, coral, yellow, and purple to bi-colors. Some are fragrant but not as much as herbaceous. They will thrive in dappled shade with only 4 to 5 hours of sun and bloom 2 weeks earlier than herbaceous ones. Although they lose their leaves in winter the woody stems maintain a graceful structure for the season.

INTERSECTIONAL – Also know as ITOH peonies originated by crossing a tree with a herbaceous peony. This was done by Japanese botanist Dr. Tochi Itoh in 1948. Sadly Dr. Itoh died before the seedlings were able to flower. It was up to his family to continue and nurture them until they finally bloomed in 1964. An American botanist, Louis Smirnow, was finally able to get permission to bring some plants to the USA where he patented 4 hybrids and named them ITOH hybrids.

ITOH’S grow up to 3 feet tall and wide. The lush finely divided leaves grow close to the ground giving it an elegant mounded look throughout the season. The have enormous flowers with fluffy petals that surround a cluster of yellow stamens. ITOH’S come in a range of colors including red, apricot, coral, pink and yellow. Just as herbaceous peonies start to fade the ITOH’S burst on to the stage, extending the peony season another 2 to 3 weeks. It is similar to herbaceous as it dies back for the winter and the flowers are large like the tree peonies.

There is a peony for every garden, whether it is used as a specimen, hedge, container or just added to the perennial border. Place fragrant varieties close to home where their scent can be enjoyed. Float a flower in a bowl, cut a bouquet and enjoy these beauties for years to come.

Spotlight: Downy Mildew Resistant Impatiens

Fill your gardens with bright, long-lasting color. NEW Beacon Impatiens offers high resistance to downy mildew for healthy gardens all season. You can rely on Beacon to thrive. Available in 6 colors, you can fill baskets, window boxes, and shade landscapes with confidence.

New: Mahoney’s Ocean Enriched Compost

Looking for a nutrient-rich bulk soil to fill your veggie garden beds? Introducing our newest product in our bulk lineup: Mahoney’s Ocean Enriched Compost! Watch Patrick explain the benefits of our favorite new item, and you can now shop online for local delivery here: SHOP NOW