Uncle Mike’s Favorite Cucumbers

We talk a lot about our variety and selection in tomatoes, but did you know Uncle Mike grows a whole collection of cukes too? Here’s what’s growing in our Woburn Growing Greenhouse and shipping weekly to our retail stores! Please note, supplies and selection may vary and this list is not an indication of in-store availability.


An All American Selection Winner, Sweet Success is a fantastic slicing cuke with a sweet, bitter-free taste. Yields a bumper crop of seedless, dark green 12-14″ fruits. Very disease resistant! Days to maturity: 54.



New to the Uncle Mike’s line this year! Long European cucumber with improved disease resistance and heat-tolerance. Vigorous and productive, yields sweet 12″ fruit. Days to maturity: 56.


An heirloom variety, and All America Selections winner, Straight 8 is a cucumber superstar. Cool, firm flesh and a sparky taste. Pick at 8″ long for best taste! Days to Maturity: 58.


A compact cuke that is great for containers. Short, hardy vines produce slender fruits 7.5″ long. Days to Maturity: 56.



A high-yielding salad or slicing type cucumber on shorter vines – great for a larger container. Crunchy fruit and non-bitter peel. Days to Maturity: 50-55.


One of our favorites for northern climates, and perhaps the most recognizable heirloom cuke. Dark green skin with impressive fresh taste grows 8-9″ long. Days to Maturity: 70.


Bred specifically for home pickling, these tasty cucumbers boast solid, crisp flesh and excellent taste. A vigorous bush type plant that is very disease resistant . Pick anywhere from 1.5″ – 6″ long. Days to Maturity: 55 days.


Known for their tasty, non-astringent flesh this English style cuke reaches 8-12″ long. With very little seeds, Burpless cucumbers are crisp and mild with an easy-to-peel skin. Days to Maturity: 52.